The Fertility Wellness Team provide a comprehensive approach to prepare you for healthy and successful conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

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Did you know that optimising your body's health could reduce both the cost and time to a healthy baby?

Statistics show the average time and cost to pregnancy is three cycles (for a 'normal' couple) and the average increases with sub-optimal health, lifestyle and weight.

My Fertility Wellness can help!

Kurt Fittler

|  Clinical Director


"My Fertility Wellness was developed at the request of Australia's leading Fertility Specialists. We were asked to bring together the country's foremost experts from the fields of dietetics, psychology, physiology and behaviour change to provide a truly holistic and comprehensive care model to improve pregnancy outcomes. 

The Fertility Wellness Team are dedicated to coaching our patients through an evidence based and supportive approach to better manage the contributing factors to infertility. This collaborative approach reduces the financial burden of fertility treatment, time to pregnancy and ultimately, prepares our patients for a healthy and successful conception, pregnancy, birth and baby."

Having a baby starts with great conception - we want the healthiest sperm coming together with the healthiest egg, in the healthiest possible environment, giving your baby the best possible start!

What are the benefits? 

Building on strong foundations is the basis of every great architectural masterpiece and creating a human being is no different. My Fertility Wellness forms strong fertility foundations, leading to a range of benefits:

Increased fertility for you & your partner (even older couples)

Healthy conception, pregnancy & birth

Increased chance of a natural, intervention free birth

Reduced risk of miscarriage, premature birth or abnormality

Decreased occurrence of common complaints such as morning sickness

Reduced risk of postnatal depression

Successful & long term breast feeding




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See why My Fertility Wellness is making the difference for so many people:



Sleep and recovery strategies to improve your health, weight and optimise your hormonal profile

Tailored exercise programs (home, gym and outdoor based) specific to your improving your reproductive health

Fertility specific nutrition strategies and healthy eating habits and how to apply them to your life


Nutrition Education

Exercise Programs

Sleep Education



Comprehensive assessment and reviews with your psychologist to help you cope and better prepare for the fertility journey 

Consultations with your very own dietitian to design and implement your fertility specific nutrition strategy

Fertility specific coaching, mentoring and conditioning by Australia's leading exercise physiologists


Physiology Coaching

Dietetics Consultations

Psychology Reviews

Is the program successful?

When couples follow the program over a minimum of 3 months (while not trying to conceive) and use the recommended strategies, the results convey a 78-81% success rate in overcoming fertility problems.

al. followed 67 women who engaged in weight management through exercise and dietary change, resulting in an 89% improvement in ovulation, 78% of women achieving a pregnancy (27% of which were natural conception) and an 87% live birth rate.

Miscarriage rate among the group was also

reduced from 75% to 18%. (Clark et al. published in the Journal of Human in the Journal of Human Reproduction)

This success is also supported in the literature where a study conducted by Clarke et al.

Kristen Lee, Wollongong NSW

"I lost 8kg in total, improved my hormonal profile and am now 6 months pregnant following my fifth IVF cycle. I have been able to continue with the lifestyle changes of healthy eating, regular physical activity and healthy mindset to this day."

Michelle & Graeme Donovan, Toowoomba QLD

"My Fertility Wellness gave us something positive we could work on together. It wasn't just about tests for Michelle or tests for me, it was something that we could both participate in and motivate each other towards healthier choices. My wife became my nutrition buddy and training partner and it brought us closer together."

Jamie Leeton & Lauren Young, Mulgrave VIC

"We were unsuccessful for with our first two cycles and were getting ready to begin our third when we enrolled in My Fertility Wellness. Jamie's life is quite busy and he loved the behavioural and mindset aspects of the program. I loved the tailored nutrition plans and the recipes from Bondi Harvest we delicious. Our greatest thanks to the Fertility Wellness Team for bringing Taylor into our lives."

Laura & David Small, Freemantle WA

"My doctor told me to lose weight as the first thing I could do to help improve our chances of falling pregnant. I tried half a dozen things including a personal trainer and a few different diets but I still wasn't ovulating. My Fertility Wellness gave me exactly what I needed, specific strategies that helped me lose weight and improve my health, and support from my coaches to help me see it through. I'm 6 months pregnant. Fingers crossed."

Nikki Chaubal, Victoria Point QLD

"I didn't stimulate very well with my first cycle and we only got two healthy eggs at collection and both failed to take. I felt significantly different with our second round of stimulation which coincided with My Fertility Wellness. I had more energy, was sleeping better, felt like I was more in control and reassured by the whole process. We got 12 healthy eggs at collection and the second transfer was successful. I am now 5 months pregnant."

Sarah Nguyen & David Scott, Parramatta NSW

"Our experience with My Fertility Wellness was wonderful. The entire team were fantastic from start to finish. Very caring, very understanding and very real with respect to where we were at and what we needed to do to improve our chance of success with our upcoming IVF cycle. Collection went well and hoping for good news after transfer."

Jonothan & Sophie Clarke, Morphett Vale SA

"We can't thank the Fertility Wellness Team enough! Thank you for your understanding, perseverance, support and patience. We got there in the end and wouldn't change anything for the world."

Lisa Croft, Campbelltown NSW

"My Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist referred me to My Fertility Wellness a few months after starting Metformin to help with weight loss and PCOS. I lost 6kg over the 12 week program which was astounding as nothing else seemed to hep me shift weight. I lost a further 3kg in the two months following and we conceived Lachlan naturally in the third month after completing the program. Can't thank you enough for all your help."

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